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90% with Solar Energy

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Completed Solar Installation

Look What They Say

“Solar helps in reducing the electricity bill, since we consume multiple aircond in one house.”

Bangi, Selangor

“Suria Infiniti team has Responded quickly and efficiently.”


Kepong, Selangor

"My electricity bill for the period between January and June amounts to zero after the installation of solar panels."

Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT)

Why Suria Infiniti is The Preferred One

In-House Solar Installation

Our team comprise of Project Engineer, Technical Engineer, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Consultancy, Operating & Maintenance.

Fast Response And Reliable

All inquiries will receive prompt responses, addressing all questions effectively.

Company Backed by UZMA Berhad

Our company stands fortified by the robust support and backing of Uzma Company, an alliance that bolsters our foundation and contributes to the strength and reliability of our operations.

Our Client Feedback

Solar Financing with Bank Rakyat

Bank Rakyat is offering Personal Financing-i & Bank Rakyat Credit Card-i to purchase and install solar panel systems. 

Simple Step To Power Your Home

Step 1

Submit quotes and wait for our expert to consult with you

Step 2

Arrange house site visit and customized Solar System Design specifically for your home. 

Step 3

Submission of your NEM application to SEDA Malaysia

Step 4

Solar system installation – The installation will be completed within 3 Days

Step 5

Enjoy your solar system  & watch your electricity bills decreases