Renewable Energy

Embarking and pursuing renewable energy projects is not as difficult as many people may think. It is a straight forward process provided the team on board has sufficient experience and reliable international partners to undertake the many requirements that may arise. We at Suria Infiniti are able to complement any group i.e owner, consultants, and contractors for on grid or off grid solar projects. Renewable energy is always about choosing the right technology to create a balanced system that is technically and commercially optimized.

Feasibility Studies

  • Compiling and comparing possible systems
  • Determining the most technically and commercially optimized solution
  • Determining the impact on ROI & IRR

Grid Connection Services

  • Assist with CCC & PSS application
  • Designing 11kV/33kV substation for 180kWp – 5MWp solar plant
  • Address concerns on substation design & protection scheme


  • Advice on choice of technology against space availability
  • System design complete with ISPQ endorsement
  • Providing detailed bill of quantities for procurement stage
  • Advise on mounting structure options, inverter sizing, module layout and tilt

Remote Monitoring Solutions

  • Customizable solution even after completion of PV plant (retrofitting concept)
  • Verification of monitoring system
  • Calibration of on site measurement devices to ensure accuracy
  • Compilation and comparison of data to check on plant performance (historical/predictive)

Procurement Services

  • Assist owner with selection of products and vendors
  • Ensuring modules selected are qualified and able to last for 25 years
  • Warranty claim & Certification inspection
  • Well connected with local and international suppliers
  • Arranging for extended warranty of certain products via negotiation

Predictive & Scheduled Maintenance

  • Visual inspection & cleaning services
  • Check on quality of products at site
  • IV curve measurement
  • Hotspot checks on modules, cables, protection devices,
  • Comparison on yield (after & before)
  • Preparation of detailed manual
  • Ensure proper labelling & availability of spares

Quality control over time

  • Review of EPCC handing over documents/test reports
  • Ensuring products do not expire before declared dates
  • Providing solutions on replacement or claims to ensure plants continuous uptime

Technical Support

  • Easily available via SMS, mobile and email
  • Quick response time
  • Availability of necessary tools for on site investigation

Testing & commissioning

  • Independent T&C specialist familiar with local & IEC standards
  • Meets SEDA’s IOD & COD requirement
  • Independent testing on behalf of EPCC / owner
  • Ability to test inverters as per grid standards.

Yield Assessment

  • Using trustworthy and reliable software for evaluation
  • Site visit to determine shading and ground condition
  • Providing a quick summary and comprehensive report for loan application or management evaluation
  • Calculation performance ratio and effective energy yield

Plant Optimization

  • Providing 3rd party evaluation of completed plants
  • Providing independent review of owner’s own design
  • Based on actual experience, we are able to determine expected energy output
  • Cost savings via improved design concept or implementation

Project Management Consultant

  • Assisting owners during project implementation
  • Reporting on behalf of EPCC to owners
  • Ensuring timely completion of projects
  • Evaluation of quotations/ tender
  • On site project management
  • Assisting with handing over documentation upon completion