When you partner with Suria Infiniti, you're joining with the nation's leading solar service provider. In doing so you're able to enjoy the benefits and resources that our platform and scale provide. We’ve developed a robust platform of tools and services to support the near and long-term growth of our partners. Suria Infiniti is committed to providing an industry-leading customer experience. We believe in partnering with businesses who share the same customer-centric philosophy, and providing them with the resources necessary to successfully scale in the marketplace.

Local Partners

Set up in 2005, we are a rapidly growing institution of mechanical, electrical, green building, and carbon reduction expertise with a vision of consistently applying our unique and innovative strategies to tackle issues in the drive towards a more energy efficient world and increasingly environment-conscious society. With extensive expertise in LEED and GBI green building rating systems, our experience and dedication to sustainable development allows our clients to better maximize property value and spearhead the nation’s push for green development.

Among our achievement includes 15 LEED & GBI projects on some of Malaysia’s newest and greenest infrastructures include 3 fully certified commercial buildings and one of the first commercial neighborhoods to be accredited by LEED in Malaysia.

Foreign Partners

Utilizing years of industry experience, robust domain expertise, Global work profiles– in location as well as experience, we provide end to end climate change & clean energy solutions to its clients. We deliver tangible value, risk mitigation and cutting edge insights to our clients. We proud ourselves in winning constant repeat business from our clients because of our world class delivery capabilities. We have significant experience with climate change regulations across the world, through which we actively help shape the international debate on environment & business centric sustainable practices.

We were founded in 1999 and in year 2004 started its advisory business to help find ways to devise market based solutions to environmental problems. Less than three years later, we received our first private equity investment from Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation (IDFC), India’s largest infrastructure asset management firm. The focus of IDFC is to explore means to transition to a lower carbon economy.

Since then, we have been working continually to further its mission – of finding ways to combine finance with low carbon technology to bring about solutions that mitigate climate change. We continue to work aggressively with industry, the financial sector, with government bodies and multilateral agencies to help pursue our mission.

Today, the company has two main businesses – the Climate Business that focuses on delivering solutions for carbon markets and environmental sustainability; and the Energy Business that focuses on building commercial scale renewable energy projects. We has a team of over 120 experienced professionals, with branch offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, San Francisco, Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona and Bangkok. Our team is an excited bunch of entrepreneurs, technologists, economists, community development workers, researchers, and managers.