Intelligent Security

Video Analytics

Video analytics based Intelligent Surveillance system is capable of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine an event on REAL TIME (active observation) basis. Equipped with the built-in intelligence, video analytics systems in a restricted area can automatically detect unwarranted events and trigger alerts. This is a software solution designed to match and work with readily available CCTV cameras.

The developed video analytics system for human detection and tracking can be applied in a wide range of areas indoor and outdoor. The system can be installed in restricted areas to detect and track any persons appearing inside the restricted area. It would trigger an alert and keep a detailed record of any suspicious incidents.

Object Recognition

Detection of Abandoned Objects



Human Detection & Tracking



Posture Analysis

  • Falling towards left-hand side of the frame
  • Trying to stand up after falling
  • Falling backwards away from camera
  • Trying to stand up after falling
  • Falling towards camera, and standing up
  • Squatting down




Detection of Persons Wandering into Unauthorized Area

  • Face capture & registration in system upon entering into marked zone
  • Unique ID simultaneously given
  • Information matching of identified persons
  • Constant communications of each camera with control center
  • Movement tracking within a compound
  • Alarm triggers if person intrudes into unauthorized zones
 image35  image36 image37  image38
 image39  image40  image41  image42

People Counting and Crowd Detection

Grainy image of pedestrians image50

Local Abnormality Detection in Crowded Scene

Van Moving in Opposite Direction
image51 image52 image53 image54 image55
Pedestrian Walking in Opposite Direction
 image56  image57  image58  image59  image60
Detection of Cyclist
 image61  image62  image63  image64  image65
Detection of Cyclist + Person Skating
 image66  image67  image68  image69  image70

Detection of Distress Event In Moderate Crowd Scenario

Life-saving Lesson – Realistic Scenario Close to Actual Drowning.
System is able to detect all drowning cases.