Infection Control Systems

Suria Infiniti ventured into the medical industry with the goal to provide a holistic approach for the Sterile operation. We provide our services to both Healthcare & Life science users. By providing supply, spare parts & services for all types of autoclaves in the market has given a greater opportunity to help the users to make sure their operations are running smoothly.

Our medical division is divided into 3 categories :

  1. CSSD Equipments supply
  2. CSSD equipments maintenance & servicing
  3. CSSD equipments spare part

CSSD Equipments SUPPLY

We are the authorised distributors for CISA Autoclaves & Washers in Malaysia. We offer the full range of CISA equipments for the Healthcare & Life Science users. CISA has been producing and selling sterilization systems for over 60 years for both hospitals and industrial sector, covering all sterilization needs. CISA has achieved success through innovative solutions in design, construction, installation of its products and process control technologies, for unrivalled quality and reliability.



CSSD equipments has been playing a major role in the healthcare industry & a smooth operation is as important as the quality of products being delivered. With that in mind we are able to provide support for various autoclave equipments in the market. Also an add-on is that we offer service contracts so we may extend our assistance to the users.


CSSD equipments SPARE PART

Replacement of parts also plays a major; without it or a delay in delivery can affect the whole operation in the healthcare facility. Our key here is ready stock & immediate delivery. This has helped many of our users & suppliers in ensuring a smooth operation & satisfied feeling that they are backed by a reliable partner.

image003image002Range of Products

Healthcare & Life Science:

  • Steam Sterilizers/Autoclave
  • Plasma Sterilizers/Autoclave
  • Formaldehyde
  • Table top Sterilizers
  • Washer Disinfector
  • Endoscope Reprocessing System
  • Consumables